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The Zend certificate can be achieved by participating in the official exam, organized by Zend. The exam contains different subjects, such as the PHP-syntax, object-oriented programming, databases, security, design patterns, and many others.

Zend Certified Engineer

ZCEThe "Zend Certified Engineer" certificate is an internationally recognized PHP-award that is handed out by Zend Technologies ("The PHP Company"). It was created to prove that someone is able to develop advanced PHP-applications.

DEVart and ZCE

DEVart prefers to work with personnel that has the "Zend Certified Engineer" mark. People that haven't got this certificate (yet), get the chance to focus on it.

The "ZCE" certificate helps DEVart to estimate the knowledge of possible new colleagues. When having the "ZCE" certificate, you prove that you have a good knowledge of PHP5, which means you have an interesting profile to strengthen the DEVart-team.


Do you need a "Zend Certified Engineer"?
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