Perfecting the art of web development.

Our main occupation is the delivery of internet services. These vary from setting up completely new projects, to upgrading or updating existing projects, to developing simple sites to be maintained by the clients themselves and made-to-measure services.

About us

DEVart started from a very idealistic perspective: to improve the quality of the internet. Our biggest challenge was, and still is, the optimisation of websites. Experience has taught us that sites are still too often put together in an ill-considered manner and that when it comes to design there is, in many cases, vast room for improvement.

DEVart corrects this by the optimal use of available technologies. This way we deliver projects of which both the clients and we ourselves can be proud. All our associates are in the possession of a ZEND PHP Certification and also from our partners we expect only the best; we choose to work solely with other professionals who can show a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge together with years of relevant experience.

The main characteristic of our projects is that they meet all existing standards for web development. This goes for the publicly visible part (the site as viewed by visitors) as well as for the private part (the programming behind the project).

For this we start out from the scalability of your project. After all, each project can start out small and simple, only to grow into something much larger over a period of X months.

Throughout the entire project we fully think along with you, assist you with tips and advice based on our experience and in this manner help you along the way.